Jay Gidwitz uses photographic, digital, and traditional techniques to create his imagery, working at the intersection of art and emerging technologies. Inspired as much by the Symbolist’s, Surrealists, and Visionary Art as he is by digital art, Gidwitz brings a painterly touch to his digital work.
After graduating Chicago’s School of Representational Art in classical drawing and painting, Jay went on to receive his B.A. in Visual Art at Brown University where he focused on photography, digital art and web design.

Other Projects

In addition to making at and photography at, Jay is a curator at Surrealism Today and runs a network of surrealism related website including the largest surrealism group on vimeo,, and

Studio Issa

Jay co-founded Studio Issa in 2011 with Stephanie Issa, where he is the lead front-end developer. Studio Issa makes trouble for entrenched interests with strategic communication and design on behalf of its clients.