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Art Exhibition “Groupthink” reviewed on The show was curated by (my sister) painter Lauren Gidwitz.

Some people treat correspondences in the works of alumni from a particular art school like the signs of an emerging art movement. In Groupthink, curator (and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA) alumna) Lauren Gidwitz takes the opposite stance. The organizing idea behind the show is how these artists, trained in close proximity to one another at PAFA, may have influenced or been influenced by one other. Emerging strands in the show include a trend towards taxonomy and miniaturization of compositions in a way that suggests artists who stand in a peculiar relation to the classical traditions they may or may not have been taught at their beloved but somewhat old-fashioned art school. The show was held at the Pierre S. du Pont Arts Center Gallery of Tower Hill Academy in Wilmington, Delaware, which as of last year, has begun a tradition of annually hosting a PAFA alumni and student show.

Yoni Hamburger, Windows of the Soul 2, C-print, 55 x 44 in.

Yoni Hamburger, Windows of the Soul 2, C-print, 55 x 44 in.


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