Dream Logic

Dream Logic Statement

The Dream Logic series explores themes of nostalgia, surrealism, the imagination, relationships, nightmares and our fantasies using photographic and digital techniques.

Each image captures a moment in time– attempting to elicit an emotion in the viewer. Some are portraits capturing an expression in the subject, while other images are landscapes, and still others are figurative: looking more deeply into hopes and fears in our relationships.

“Self-portrait as Deity,” looks at the human need to relate to our gods as personified in human form rather than an abstract energy. We need to see the energies of the universe as inherently “human” to communicate with it. Is this a flaw that we must see the universe as human– rather than humans being a just one strange and idiosyncratic expression of life in an alien universe.

“River of Darkness” is a deep blue landscape created from multiple photographs and textures. I wanted to create something monolithic and the feeling in the viewer of being overpowered by the vastness of the landscape.

Our subjective human experiences are delineated by archetypal mythologies. These stories inform the narratives we tell ourselves and we fit our lives into them. Through this process, information is lost. Details that do not fit neatly into our narrative and may in fact conflict with it fall away as the memory is molded and shaped into the story.

Some of the images look at nostalgia. By transforming the image as a several hundred year old photograph would be with richer red-brown tones and and cracked-oil paint texture: I recall the human instinct to fetishize the past as a more desirable place than our current moment.