1940’s Style Pin-Up Illustration

I’m looking for models to shoot 1940’s & 50’s style pin-up illustrations.


I would shoot the photographs in front of green screen and then create the (usually sparse) environment in photoshop and then import the image into Painter X to make it look more like an organically painted image.

I would not just be recreating the look of pin-up illustrations, though; I want the models to have the “look” of belonging to various sub-cultures: hipsters, goth, with tattoos or mohawks etc. (Which I can do in photoshop afterwards if necessary).

The images would still be relatively tame to modern standards; the “oh golly!” look on the model’s face as for some reason a little bit of thigh or bum was being revealed, as was that style of illustration.

Or feel free to comment on the concept below.

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