The Necronomicon Series – Dark Fantastic and Visionary Art

In these images I am playing with my take on a theme of H. P. Lovecraft’s mythos:

We live in a vast, alien, & unforgiving universe entirely indifferent to human life.

To understand how small our planet is; how little the universe cares about our morals, ideals, and aspirations would drive us insane.

Fortunately, our minds are too small to comprehend these truths; sparing most of us from madness and despair.

These images are an attempt at giving the viewer a glimpse of the unseeable. Cheers!

These images are for the NecronomiCon Providence Convention. The NecronomiCon is the upcoming H. P. Lovecraft Convention at Providence’s Biltmore and surrounding venues.

SENE 2012 Submissions

Images 1-8 are by Jay Gidwitz in collaboration with Anthony Teth and are part of the “Dream Logic Tarot”.
All work would be printed at 18” x 24”.

Tom Bagshaw Via Surrealism Today